Protect Your Truck Bed From Dirt and Damage

Get a spray-on bedliner in Modena, NY

Your truck bed is designed to handle a lot of wear and tear. Unfortunately, it'll still sustain damage over time. To extend your bed's life span, consider getting a spray-on bedliner from Modena Collision in Modena, NY. We are just a short drive away from New Paltz, NY!

We use a high-quality Rock-It Liner kit to provide a protective finish for your enclosed trailer or truck bed.

Top benefits of installing a spray-on bedliner

Are you wondering if a spray-on bedliner is the right choice for your truck? We recommend it because it will help you:

Maintain your truck's value
Protect your truck against dirt, water and UV rays
Grip your truck's bed while hauling to avoid slip-and-falls

Haul things around without worrying about damaging your truck. Schedule an appointment for our bedliner protection services right away.

We use the Rock-It Liner kit(a SEM product) to protect your pick up bed as well as block water, dirt and damage that can potentially lead to rust.

The kits are made of a high quality, urethane, textured coating that provides a durable, protective finish for truck beds and restoration projects, even enclosed trailers.